Paragon Office Insurance Proposal for the Legal Sector

Office Insurance

Your sums insured and limit must reflect your firm overall, not just the amount that you could lose as a result of one incident.

Office locations

Please provide details of all the locations where cover is required including storage locations


Locations Address Post code Type of alarm * Office or storage location

* Bells only, central station or Redcare


Please confirm the details below for the last completed financial year

Last completed financial year ending
Gross revenue
Wageroll inc. Principal/ Partner/ Member/ Director
Number of staff
Principal / Partner / Member / Director (inc. salaried)
All other staff (based on a full time equivalent)

Property damage

Please confirm the sums insured you require per location.Add

Location Buildings Tenant Improvements Computer &
Telecommunications Equipment
All Other Contents Portable Electronic
Documents Works of Art
Do you require cover to include subsidence, landslip or heave?
If yes, are the buildings free from cracks or other signs of damage that may be due to subsidence, landslip or heave and not previously suffered damage by any of these causes?

Business Interruption

What is your estimated gross revenue for the next 12 months?
How long would you like your indemnity period to run for or would you like an unlimited indemnity period? 
If you have chosen an unlimited period, how long do you think it would take you to recover (the minimum period should be 12 months) ?  
Please provide your estimated gross revenue from the last day of your insurance year and for the period of your indemnity period.  If you have chosen an unlimited period, please base your estimate on the period you feel it will take you to recover. 

Loss of rent – Indemnity period


Location Percentage of gross revenue earned from this office Loss of rent – Sum insured. This should be your estimated rent from the last day of your insurance year and for your indemnity period Loss of rent – Indemnity period



Have you made any claims over the last 5 years?

If yes, please provide the details belowAdd

Date of claim Details of claim Amount Paid Amount Outstanding Total



Is cover required?


Can you confirm the following statements? If not, please provide further details

The office location premises are occupied by you
The office location premises are built solely of brick, stone or concrete and roofed solely of slate or tile and in a good state of repair
All final exit doors at all office locations are secured by key operated lock confirming to BS3261 or a key operated multi-point locking system with at least 3 bolts
All accessible windows and skylights at office locations are secured by key operated window locks or are permanently screwed shut
The Principals/ Partners/ Members/ Directors have not been:
Convicted or charged with a criminal offence.
Been part of a company that went into liquidation, receivership or administration
Declared bankrupt


Additional cover included within this policy

Please refer to the summary of cover and confirm that the cover is adequate for your needs. If no, please advise the sum insured or limit that you require.

Documents in transit
Personal accident assault
Employers Liability
Public Liability
Computer breakdown
Equipment breakdown
Fidelity Guarantee
Legal Expenses



Senior Management means, in accordance with the Insurance Act 2015: those individuals who play significant roles in the making of decisions about how the insured's activities are to be managed or organised. Under Section 4 of the Insurance Act 2015 an Insured must disclose all material circumstances known to its `senior management' and those persons responsible for the Insured's insurance. By submitting this application I declare that all statements and particulars contained in this Proposal are true and that I have made a fair presentation of the risk, by disclosing all material facts which I know or ought to know or, failing that, that I have given Paragon sufficient information to put a prudent insurer on notice that it needs to make further enquiries in order to reveal material circumstances. I undertake to inform Paragon before any contract of insurance is concluded, if there is any material change to the information already provided or any new fact or matter arises which maybe relevant to the consideration of my proposal for insurance. I understand that a failure to ensure that the statements and particulars contained in this Proposal are true or a failure to disclose any material facts which would be likely to influence the acceptance and assessment of the Proposal may adversely affect the availability of coverage under the policy or result in the voiding of the policy in every respect. By submitting this application, I agree and give permission to Paragon to use my email address and other contact information, as provided in Section 1 (Your Details), to send their quotations or correspondence.


Under English law, you owe a duty of disclosure to the insurer which includes your duty to make a fair presentation of the risk. A 'fair presentation' is one:

  • which clearly discloses all material circumstances which the insured's Senior Management, including persons responsible for the insured's insurance, know or ought to know following a reasonable search or which is sufficient to make the insurer ask questions about the risk. A circumstance is material if it would influence an insurer's judgment in determining whether to take the risk and, if so, on what terms. If you are in any doubt whether a circumstance is material we recommend that it should be disclosed;
  • which discloses information in a manner which is clear and accessible to a prudent insurer (i.e. no `data dumping');
  • in which every material representation as to a matter of fact is substantially correct and every material representation as to a matter of expectation or belief is made in good faith. Failure to disclose a material circumstance may entitle an insurer to:
  • in some circumstances, avoid the policy from inception and in this event any claims under the policy would not be paid;
  • impose different terms on your cover; and/or
  • proportionately reduce the amount of any claim payable.

This duty applies:

  • before your cover is placed;
  • when it is renewed; and
  • at any time that it is varied.

Your policy wording may also provide that this duty continues for the duration of the policy. You should contact us immediately for assistance if you are unsure whether information may be material, or if it comes to your attention that you may have not disclosed full and accurate information.

Before signing this declaration please familiarise yourself with your 'Duty of fair presentation' which is outlined above. Please read the declaration carefully and sign at the bottom by ticking here, I/We declare on behalf of the Practice that the statements and particulars in this Proposal (and attachments if any) are true and that I/We have not misstated nor suppressed any material facts. I/We undertake to inform Underwriters of any material alterations to these facts occurring before completion of the Contract of Insurance. Signing this declaration does not bind the proposer or Underwriter to complete a contract of Insurance. We agree that we have a continuing obligation to notify insurers of any material matters during currency of policy.

E.U. Disclosure Clause (UK)

The Parties are free to choose the law applicable to this Insurance Contract. Unless specifically agreed to the contrary this insurance shall be subject to English Law. Any enquiry or complaint should be addressed in the first instance to your Broker or Insurer. If you are not satisfied with the way a complaint has been dealt with you may refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service and/or Complaints and Advisory Department at Lloyd's of London to review your case without prejudice to your rights in law.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
0800 023 4567

Data Protection

Complaints and Advisory Department Lloyd's Fidentia House, Walter Burke Way
Chatham Maritime, Chatham
Telephone: 020 7327 5693

Data Protection Notice

Paragon strives to protect the privacy and the confidentiality of the personal data that it processes in connection with the services it provides.

In our Privacy Notice (available at https://www.paragonbrokers.com/eu-data-privacy-notice/) we explain who we are, how we collect, share and use personal information about you, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, then please contact compliance@paragonbrokers.com.

Should you require any assistance when completing this form or you simply wish to discuss your requirements then please do not hesitate to contact:

The Professions Team

Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd

140 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT
Telephone: 0207 280 8200

Data Protection

Any personal information you provide will be passed to Insurer(s) in relation to your application for Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover. It may be used by Paragon or Insurers' relevant staff in making a decision concerning your insurance application and for the purpose of servicing any cover which may be arranged and administering claims. Information may be passed to loss adjusters and reinsurers for these purposes. In the signing of this Proposal form or otherwise seeking insurance through us you are agreeing to the above terms.